How It Works?

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Property Evaluation

a) Create an account.
b) Share property details and photos.
c) We will evaluate your transaction and agree upon terms.

Property Listing

a) Proceed with online payment of our flat rate service charge.
b) Approve the real estate summary and images to be posted on multiple portals.
c) Post approval, your listing will be live within 48 hours.

Get Leads

a) Leads generated will be communicated to you over your preferred mode of communication (WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Call).
b) We'll coordinate and keep you updated on the status of each lead progression.

Deal Confirmed

a) We will negotiate on your behalf and get you the best possible deal for your property.
b) Confirm the party offering best deal for you.
Refer our add-on services for further assistance after in principle deal confirmation.

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