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Real Estate Broking @ Flat Rate

✔️ Listing your property on multiple online real estate marketing portals.
✔️ Sharing the details with you of leads generated from respective portals.
✔️ Coordinating and negotiating with the leads to try and close the transaction for you.
✔️ Share timely progress reports.
✔️ All plans are applicable for residential real estate only.
✔️ All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Add-On Services

📷 Professional photography of your house.
🔍 Title search by legal professionals.
💼 Legal documentation and registration.
📑 Tax advisory (capital gains computation, etc.)

Contact us for pricing for above services.

Coming Soon:
👨🏻 Hosting property visits/tours on behalf of the seller.
🏠 2D floor plan preparation.
💰 Home loans & insurance services.
🚚 Movers and packers
🕉 Vastu consulting

Who are the people doing all this for very little money?

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